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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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In step with the Devil, I am.
Not sure how that even began.
My mind must have subconsciously
Decided that I needed an anomaly,
For what life has in store or in mind.
I need to remember all of the Golden Rule
But avoid those who don't, be not a fool.

Why must I sit here with my mind all hazy?
I'm thinking (not good), that I'm going crazy.
It is a danger when I think, like I do,
That I become estranged, from someone like you.
Doesn't mean, I don't love who you are,
Just that you're on a pedestal and a star.
I do love you, more than you'll ever know,
So let's get with it and on with the show.

A vision of loveliness passed me today
While I was sipping on an iced tea.
There wasn't a glance sent my way,
No looking, no nod or turn of the head.
No hellos or how are you, said.
Not something that occurs every day
And then she was gone, gone away.

The slap of my feet, hitting the ground,
Is the only noise I hear all around,
Until the expelling of my out going breath,
Accompanied by cloudlet of sound.
As the ground rushes up to my feet,
A refreshing gulp of the cold Winter air,
The warmth of my hat, covering ear and hair.
When exercising, in the Winter is here,
As the air warms, my breath will disappear.

Please don't bring problems to my door,
Please do bring your solution, to the fore.
I will welcome you and all the rest
To provide the answer and the best
Information to solve, this problem unique
In the simplest way, as we speak.
A learning process, this most certainly was,
In the development of the peoples cause.
I'll never forget, the friends I made,
While working together, being unafraid
To make those decisions, of what to do,
When it wasn't me but it was you.

I worked, years ago, in a office with cubicles
And kept M & M's on top of my desk.
The M & M's were in a lidded, glass jar.
I'd leave my cubicle, going near and far,
When the sound came to me from lidded jar.
Looking across the cubicles , I did see
My friends looking back at me.
It gave me pleasure, to know
That a little treat, was where they'd go.
Candy, while not a good choice to some,
Provided me the simple joy of having one.
Perhaps, I will submit or will propose
A story of when I had many boxes of Frangos.

(Please understand that I am a religious man but wrote this during a time of frustration)

When we say God is Great
And that God is good,
I may have just misunderstood
Or perhaps, I just can't relate,
How God can allow this state
Of pain and suffering, at this date.
Many will say, " it's just fate".
Spare me please, from all this drivel,
The effect of Dementia, is pure evil.