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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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Joined together or be apart?
A good question for the heart.
Do we stand alone or with another?
Time will tell, Sisters and Brothers.
Off we go into a life of pain.
Away from love's sad refrain.
I care not about the fate of me,
Just leave me now. Let me be.

The burning bush of light and flame
Creates a need for me to explain.
It's not the fear from the bush ablaze,
But the lack of love, that does amaze.
Why all the hate in this World today,
When those that hate should go away.
Away from those different than thee
Letting the love of others be..

A new adventure, every day.
It's now time to put away
the clothes of this Summer past.
Bring out the Winter warmth
of turtleneck sweaters and of course
the heavy coats with scarves and mittens.
Rain boots and socks of wool
to keep your feet so very warm.
Let's not forget a nice warm hat
to keep the cold from ears and head.
Stay warm as Winter's near.

Words a flutter, through the air.
Words that are said with little care.
Words that hurt, but you're unaware.
Words can't be withdrawn, being there.
Words are of love and of hate.
Words are those when we relate.
Words for today become tomorrows disarray.
Words of sorrow, for those we pray.

Write again? Perhaps I shan't
for write I will and I'll rant
about the unfairness of life today,
for those where illness comes to stay,
while cures for disease is kept at bay.
What kind of God are you now?
When suffering and strife you allow?
Praying both night and day
with few results is my dismay.